Racial Diversity

We all come from different backgrounds. As a journalist, I strive to help others better understand the nuances of these backgrounds.

Photo gallery: Chinese Honor Society hosts lantern celebration

In every school, it is important to celebrate diversity and learn about different cultures. Jefferson's Chinese Honor Society held a party commemorating the Lantern Festival with supplies to construct a paper lantern along with traditional foods to not only celeberate their culture, but teach others about the event as well.

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The man behind the mask (Entertainment)

I wrote this story about the animated film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", emphasizing the deep amount of incorporated racial and gender diversity, especially ground-breaking for an animated movie. I decided to write about this movie to encourage others to watch the movie as well, helping them recognize what a truly diverse should look like.

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Never have I ever wished for so much more after given plenty (Entertainment)

As an Indian-American, I feel that this show inaccurately represents my culture–yet most media outlets covered this show as an advancement in Asian-American representation. One of my favorite parts about journalism is that through writing, we can share otherwise unaddressed perspectives. Through this article, I was given the opportunity to do simply that. In the article, I made sure to address counter-claims that can be made against my argument, along with rebuttals to those counter-claims to instill ethos and garner credibility.

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