Friends forever

Juniors Lauren Nathan, Shristi Nadkarni, Sophia Troshynski, and freshman Rachel Rozsa have fun at the special event hosted by TJ Minds Matter: Cozy Corner. “It’s such a good way to relax before Thanksgiving break,” Nathan said. “We could relax with food and a hot drink, and I really like how we were able to make cards for people we’re thankful for.”

The Process

I took this photograph for our 2019 December photo issue. For the December photo issue I designed two spreads centered on the topic of highs and lows. In these two spreads, I played with idea of emotional highs and lows and literal highs and lows in terms of camera angle. This particular picture was taken from a bird's-eye-view. To set up the photograph, I had the four friends lie down on a white blanket that I placed on the floor.

These are some of the other photos I took for this shoot. I decided on the photo to use for the spread based on how candid and natural the photo feels.

This is the spread that the photograph was ultimately placed in.