Highs and lows

The Process

I designed this spread for our 2019 December photo issue. For this photo issue, I designed two spreads centered on the topic of highs and lows. I played with idea of both emotional highs and lows and literal highs and lows in terms of camera angle. I originally took the photos show on this spread in color, but I later decided to add a black-and-white color grade. This is one of my favorite spreads that I’ve designed so far because I love the use of white space. With the photography issue I learned how to arrange photos on the spread in a way to take up all of the space, yet still form a design rather than an uninteresting array of pictures.

The tension behind junior Shristi Nadkarni’s eyes can be seen as tears stream down her cheeks. Struggling with depression for the past two years, she has worked hard to learn how to love herself. “I had depression and anxiety through freshman year… It went undiagnosed till Sophomore year, where I was always anxious to the point where my heart would be beating really fast for nothing and i’d have chest pains all the time and migraines and stomach aches for no reason… my grades are still not that good, but I’m recovering from a seasonal depressive episode and hopefully I will do better during the rest of this semester and second semester because I’m genuinely trying to,” Nadkarni said.