Swinging into softball

Swinging her softball bat, senior Julia Drennan stands ready with her eyes concentrated on the ball in play. As a softball player on the varsity team, Drennan has worked hard to improve her skills in softball. "Once I changed my mindset, I began to improve and worked on my game as hard as I could during practices," Drennan said.

The Process

I took this photo for a spread that I designed for the 2020 March print issue. To take this photo I used the stroboscopic photography technique. It took me two weeks to self-teach myself how to carry out this skill.

I took the above pictures while practicing stroboscopic photography.

These were the steps I took to get the final product

  1. Make sure flash is enabled
  2. Test out aperture value (7.1 is ideal)
  3. Make speed 1
  4. Test iso (usually less that 800)
  5. Make sure on AI focus or AI SERVO
  6. Manual mode on camera
  7. In flash: multi, 1/64, 11-11

This is the final spread (designed by me) upon which the photo was placed.