Never have I ever wanted so much more after given plenty

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Despite good intentions, the Netflix original “Never Have I Ever” centered around the life of an Indian-American teenager in today’s world fails to accurately represent Indian culture. Its advancement of stereotypes and lack of character development emphasizes the nature of the show to be descriptive representation rather than substantive representation.

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The Why

As an Indian-American, I feel that Netflix Original "Never Have I Ever" inaccurately represents my culture–yet most media outlets covered this show as an advancement in Asian-American representation. One of my favorite parts about journalism is that through writing, we can share otherwise unaddressed perspectives. Through this article, I was given the opportunity to do simply that.

The Process

  1. After watching the entire show, I created a list of what I liked and disliked about the show in terms of both education and entertainment.
  2. In the article, I made sure to address counter-claims that can be made against my argument, along with rebuttals to those counter-claims to instill ethos and garner credibility.
  3. I submitted this piece to Dear Asian Youth, an Asian youth empowerment group, to expand my audience base.

The Impact

Posted on the Dear Asian Youth Instagram and reaching 1,547 accounts who were not previously following the Dear Asian Youth Instagram, I felt incredibly proud of my work and its ability to foster discussion. Additionally, by providing a space for me to write out my thoughts, my love for journalism was further reinforced.