Project YCRO: aim to impact

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After learning about the shortage of masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jefferson senior Reevu Adakroy founded “Project YCRO”: a youth relief organization mainly aimed to connect entities in need of masks to those manufacturing masks.

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The Why

Written at the beginning of the pandemic, I decided this was an important story to tell in order to boost morale. Additionally, as a STEM school, I felt that this group was especially inspiring to fellow student engineers and scientists by showcasing our true potential to bring about change in the world.

The Process

  1. I conducted a 20 minute interview with Project YCRO founder and senior Reevu Adakroy to learn more about the initiative's inspiration, progress, and future goals.
  2. Striving to create an article focused on brevity and localization, I succinctly describe Project YCRO's efforts.
  3. Throughout the article, I link resources to encourage the reader to explore more about the initiative.
Stuti Gupta · Interview with Project YCRO Founder and Coordinator and Jefferson senior Reevu Adakroy

The Impact

A key part of journalism is learning from the people you interact with. Understanding the effort and impact of this initiative's work, I was inspired to fulfill my role as a journalist reporting during the pandemic with the same amount of effort and intended impact.