Miscellaneous Multimedia

What I especially love about journalism is that there is an infinite number of ways to tell a story through variation of conceptualization, packaging, and execution. Each manner of doing so allows the journalist and reader to interact and grasp information in new and unique ways.

Defined by antonyms

When writing entertainment articles involving music, I always include a relevant playlist as a Spotify embed for the reader to explore the music themselves, appealing to their sense of sound. For this particular article, I wrote about the uniqueness of Billie Eilish and included a playlist I made with all of my favorite Billie Eilish songs.

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Photo gallery: Chinese Honor Society hosts lantern celebration

Photos enhance a story, immersing the reader into the event. I took all the photos and wrote all of the captions used in this photo gallery covering the Chinese Honor Society’s lantern celebration.

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Two words better taken out

Timelines provide background information and allow the reader to dive into the rich history of the topic at-hand. For this opinion article discussing whether the Pledge of Allegiance should still be said during virtual schooling, I included a timeline created with Knight Lab’s TimelineJS tool incorporating the origin of the pledge along with related court cases.

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