News is a dish best served fresh. However, when focusing on timeliness, it is also always important to maintain accuracy. The following articles are a few of my favorite examples in which I incorporate these two qualities, along with brevity.

Jefferson alumni at center of stock market controversy

I co-wrote this article centered on the stock market controversy surround Jefferson alumni and Robinhood founder Vladmir Tenev in one day. To maintain accuracy, I linked articles from a variety of news sources such as The Wall Street Journal (centered-right), Bloomberg (center), and The Washington Post (centered-left). Moreover, I included the opposing viewpoint of a former Robinhood user Jefferson sophomore Irfan Nafi, who plans to return to Robinhood despite the controversy, to share both sides of this nuanced story. We recieved a "Best of SNO" award for this article.

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Stuti Gupta · Interview with Robinhood user and Jefferson junior Irfan Nafi

Maze hacks Fairfax County Public Schools

Writing this news brief in 30 minutes and linking the references that I used throughout, this is the fastest that I have ever written an article.

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Governor announces Virginia schools reopening plans

I wrote this article in one day to inform students of this widely-impactful announcement by Virginia Governor Ralph Northman to reopen schools.

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Girl’s JV Cross-Country team places second in districts

I wrote this article in two days, covering the Girl's JV Cross-Country team placing second in districts. I also conducted a twelve minute interview with Jefferson sophomore Ashley Chen, who placed third in the top five runners.

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Stuti Gupta · Interview With Jefferson sophomore and JV third-place runner Ashley Chen